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Its been a while..

It feels like forever since I had touched, or even looked at my model railroad gear. I have seen these two sets some time ago as ‘coming soon’ and only just now have I noticed that they are finally for sale.

Kato N scale – Penn Central Passenger Cars, they do look good don’t they.

Prototype Information:

Formed in 1968 from the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads, the Penn Central paved the way for government funded and operated rail passenger service – Amtrak – when it bankrupted in 1970 and left the densely populated northeast without any form of reliable rail transportation. In Amtrak’s formative years, it would use a variety of equipment from both Penn Central and other roads, many of which would wear their original paint schemes and creating the patchwork “rainbow” consists that made this era so unique.

Passenger Car Features:

This whole set (4 cars) is only around $90.00 AU delivered! soo tempting. But! if I bought those I would need one or two of these:

Kato N Scale – EMD E8 Locomotive, in shit hot Black! Definately two of them.

Prototype Information:

The E8 and E9 diesel locomotives share the similar “bulldog nose” carbody style as the shorter, more popular F7 and were powered by two separate 12-cylinder prime movers (i.e., diesel engines) capable of producing 2250/2400 hp. E8 and E9 locomotives also rode on A-1-A trucks (powered axle-idler axle-powered axle), resulting in an exceptionally smooth ride favored by crews. The E8 and E9 were produced in both A-units and cabless B-units; the A-units were usually built to railroad specification of either single or dual headlight and freight or passenger pilot. Like the F3 and F7 of the same time period, the E8 and E9 were utilized in both passenger and freight service.

Model Information:

The Kato EMD E8 and E9 locomotive both come in A and B (cabless) variations, similar to that of their smaller F unit sister locomotives.

Model Features:

  • Locomotives will be equipped with a mix of body and truck mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards
  • Locomotives have a powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels
  • Locomotives are DCC friendly
  • Drop in DCC compatible with the Train Control Systems K0D8 series and Digitrax DN163K0A

This Locomotive is around $80.00 AU delivered, which is so cheap. But, add a decoder and its more like $110.00 AU delivered, which is still great value.

I like Kato products, they make such good quality gear. I currently have three passenger sets and 4 locomotives w/ decoders, I am more than happy with all of them.

Oh in case you are wanting to know where I get my Kato running gear from:

Jims Model TrainseBay store He is so cheap and quick to post. Two thumbs up.

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