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A couple of changes to the PG 1/60 RX-178 MK II gundam it

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Righteo! A couple of little ‘design flaws’ with this kit were the over exposure of the inner frame (vital internal components) . I consulted with myself on how I could address this issue..

One of the solutions was the good ol’ fashioned “more armour dammit!’  approach, so I have added a lil bit of amour around the abdominal area as well as the stomach. While adding this new found protection I managed to shape the parts I used to allow some internals to show, check it.

Also you can see that I have added the stock grills back to the nipple areas.. thus improving the look of this kit x 2. Oh and I painted all the giant slotted screws blue.

I can’t remember if I have mentions this but I have added some small hydraulics to the neck, the photo above kinda allows you to see them, kinda..

Some more random armour parts added to the shoulder areas, while allowing for sexy internals to show.

This is the kit so far without the backpack on. I have made many changes to the backpack and legs since these photos were taken, so keep an eye out for pictures of those changes coming soon!

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