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It has begun

After two weeks of not touching my hobby (as in my model RR gear…) I have finally pulled my finger out and got to work. The following pictures are of my progress so far. What you see is 6 different sets and they were all made to work together (from the factory, not from my amazing abilities..). Just ignore the large road & tram area for the time being, lots of work to be done there.

The kits used

  • 23-411 Station area road plate
  • 23-416 Station area scenery details parts
  • 20-806 Island platform set
  • 23-417 Suburban station area set
  • 23-315 Station & signal tower set
  • 23-125 Double track viaduct station set
The green train before you is the E5 Shinkansen from Kato 10-857, it is a 3 car set and I have added a dcc decoder. Stashed away in one of my many boxes is a led light kit for which I will use to light the insides of the train.

A straight forward build, just assemble and apply the decals. I plan on adding weathering and spicing it up a little once I have finalised / build everything. For the time being I am enjoying building (not enjoying the cutting and applying the sticker / decals).

In order for me to fund all these brand new structures and road plates I recently sold ALL of my Locomotives and train car sets. I really liked the USA styled trains but as the sets that I owned were all mid 20th century and that era didn’t really grab me I gave them the flick (also it is such a common era to reproduce).  I really, really like the more modern Japenese structures and road plates that Kato produce and I love the E5 Shinkansen train, it is so sexy! Also as a bonus with going the modern route I am able to include some 1/144 scaled Gundam kits just to be different / shits and giggles. I have underneath the train table several boxes chock full of modern buildings which I will post some pictures of soon.

I still have a lot to add; trees, cars, people more buildings, ect.

Unfortunately the different road plate styles do not match up, no matter how much I wanted them to… Ideally if I had a much larger table I would separate them more and make them into two different areas on the table, since there is no way of linking them together nicely.

All the detailed parts that come with the kits really add up to make it look pretty good considering there is still so much more to add.

If only I had money left to buy some cars and buses..

Unitram! I appeared to have ordered a lot of Unitram track add-on kits. I still got a few that I haven’t used yet. I have just started applying the detailed bits and pieces to the Unitram track, there is sooo much of it to apply.

As you can see the Viaduct station is huge, I originally had the station slightly shorter and had a full double viaduct loop that went around the whole edge of the table. But as I am working on this I had to pull down the viaduct track so I could get to everything.

It is amazing what a few stickers / decals and a bit of detail do, I can’t wait till I am able to start weathering and adding people and more details.

I plan on working on this throughout the week so more photos are a definite.

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