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I like em big….

The severed Gundam arm on the left is of a 1:100 scale MSA-0011 EX-S (gundam.. duh) and the hard to see items on the right inside the bag are two very large metal dark iron thrusters. These rather large items (gundam related of course) are around 24mm wide and come with 4 or 5 parts each. I plan on using them on the EX-S kit itself to replace the stock thruster.

I have already started hacking and slashing the kit apart but my progress stalled on it around 3 weeks ago, so it currently sits inside in a box in a hundred bits and pieces. I only took this photo just today as I was taking photos of my model railroad layout and had seen the box this kit sits in.

The following pic shows my collection of medium and small dark iron metal thrusters. Each thruster is made up of 3 individual parts for added bling. They were surprisingly cheap, around $10.00 US for a pack of 4 mediums and if I remember correctly $8.00 US for 4 smalls. The extra large thrusters above are $13.99 ish US for a pack of 2.

So there you go, another award winning post from curtratcliffe.com !

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