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A small collection…..

It appears that my collection of Kato N scale products have been reproducing…. or someone (myself) may have ordered quite  a few of them recently. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I had sold all of my current locomotives and passenger trains sets. I was fortunate enough to have actually made some money from them as the availability of cheap N scale products here in Australia is extremely poor. Originally purchased quite cheap off eBay some time ago, I had sold all the locomotives with DCC and paired the matching locomotives with the passenger cars at a equal or greater price. So with all that moolah I bought a ridiculous amount of Kato and Tomix N scale stuff of eBay.

Plaza Japan is where pretty much all of this stuff was purchased from. I highly recommend them.

The Tomix buildings are quite cheap to purchase and are surprisingly good, I expected much lower build quality due to the cheaper price, but was pleasantly surprised.

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