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Levelling up!

Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of $$$ on spray cans and always ending up frustrated with the results, I am going to attempt to level up. So I bought a super cheap compressor and a not so super cheap airbrush both of them from eBay; Until I get around to my PG 1/60 Zaku II I will be reading up on a few tutorials and maybe hook it up and have a little play / practice in the mean time. Its kinda exciting to finally have an airbrush as the shading and the quality of the paint that can be achieved is far superior to spray cans. Not to mention the amount of paint I will save when spraying small parts.

I bought this sucka from HERE Alakas Elec Shop

The details:

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Low Noise 35-45db
  • Thermally protected – The unit automatically cuts of on overload and / or excess temperature rise
  • Auto stop & Start at 2.8 Bar, Stop at 4 Bar – Maximum working pressure: 4Bar/60Psi
  • Several Working Pressures available
  • Multifunctional air filter provides superior performance which separates and discharges accumulated water
  • Manually Adjustable Pressure
  • Inbuilt Airbrush holder
  • Conveniently located carry handle
  • Electric Cables can be stored within the compressor for increased safety

I don’t know anything about compressors, but I wanted something quiet and this has a pretty good decibel rating.

At the same time I bought a Tamiya Spray Work HG Airbrush III – I read a couple of reviews and the Tamiya’s got some pretty good reviews. I bought this sucka from another eBay shop HERE RC Sausage Dog.

As I still have plenty of spray cans to use up I won’t be using this just yet. Both of my Takara Tomy Transformer 1/35 scale kits will get the spray can treatment as I already bought the cans for the job. The Perfect Grade 1/60 Zaku II will be the one to break in the Airbrush.


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