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1/48 RX-93 Nu Gundam Evolved – G-Systems Resin – Update!

Hello all, a small amount of progress (sad face) If only I had more time!

I will get right to it as there are lots of photos: actually I seemed to have neglected this blog for the past week as I am skipping two updates (which are over at the MAC forums).

The MAC Forums

More junk added to the neck piece

I could of done a similar job taking a stick, coating it in glue and dunking it into my spare parts box.

I will be adding chrome hydraulics when the neck is completed and painted.

My first ever scratch build part (the chest vent). I have extended the tops of the vents and puttied it a bit (OK, OK a lot) so I will need to tidy that up some more. When its all painted up it will get some chrome mesh loving.

The neck with the head on from the back / side.

I have started making the shoulder more like one piece and have started building it out at the back.

The underside of the shoulder, you can kinda see the frame work so it fits snugly onto the resin frame.

My attempt at measuring and cutting some more scratch built parts

To go in the hole under the red part

There it is!, my measurements were way off and loads of trimming were needed. I might as well not measured at all (like I usually do).

Some more random parts added.

That is all for now, hopefully I will make some more progress tonight.

Don’t forget to visit the MAC forums to few all 220+ entries for the 2012 competition. HERE

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