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1/48 RX93 Nu Gundam Evolved – G-systems Resin kit – Update!

Well it has been a long time since my last update. I have somehow not enough time to work on this kit. The only kit that I have bought that I really, really, really wanted to work on and I have the least amount of time to do it. Anyways, enough crying like a little girl.

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Nothing totally new this time, just more neck and shoulder work.

The neck with more bulk

The head is quite empty on the inside, so I have filled it some what with those large panels at the top. It fills the empty space quite well when looking from front on.

Some mechanical looking parts added at the back, as that it quite open to the prying eye.

It kinda looks like a motor for a car rather than a neck piece.

The shoulder, with more bling. I still got a small ways to go with this until I’m totally happy with it. At the moment i’m ‘smeh’.

You can never have enough vents on a gundam.

Some detail parts added, I plan on adding more.

There you go, so far i’m pretty happy with how its progressing, I just wish it was faster. Once the shoulder and neck are how I want them to look, then I will work on the chest and backpack next. That should the hardest part of my modifications. I have big plans for the back pack. It will probably be mostly kit bashed and scratch built.

Till next time!

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