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Meet the Punisher – 1/35 U.C Hardgraph E.F.G.F M61A5 Main Battle Tank

My first tank, not just any old tank. Probably the biggest model tank I have seen. This kit was started ages ago and pretty much sat at around 90% complete for such a long time. So click the link below … Continue reading

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DMK 02 1/35 – Bumble Bee – Dual Mode

Ah, a quick build this was. 3 days including the photo shoot. Most of the work was done over the weekend with a Monday being the big photo day. You know the drill, click the following link to view the … Continue reading

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DMK 01 1/35 scale – Optimus Prime Dual mode! woohoo its done!

Well, after only 3 days of building, I present my favourite kit so far. The DMK 01 1/35 scale – Optimus Prime Dual Mode – Takara Tomy model kit, a pain in the arss to build but when built, bloody … Continue reading

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I just lost my ‘painting little people’ virginity

After a very long hiatus with the 1/35 U.C Hardgraph E.F.G.F M61A5 Main Battle Tank kit I have resumed production. For the first time ever I am painting little people. Even though they are 1/35 scale they are still quite small … Continue reading