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1/48 RX93 Nu Gundam Evolved – update!!!!!

Hi guys, i’ll keep this short and sweet because i’m nackered and want to go to bed. My TODO list; more decals, fin funnels, rifle, bazooka, weathering.

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Another day, another update – 1/48 RX93 Nu Evolved Gundam

Hello! I have been semi-busy this week and only had a few hours with which to work with. A few little changes were made such as the custom shoulder armour has been painted to match the green that is used … Continue reading

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1/48 RX93 Nu Gundam Evolved – G-System – Resin

Damn this kit is huge, next photo session I will stick a perfect grade next to it just so you can see how big it truly is. Pretty much just going through a ‘do i like the colour scheme’ phase. … Continue reading

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1/48 RX93 Nu Gundam Evolved – G-Systems – Resin – Update

A very small, and frustrating update for you tonight. Wowzers, I never thought I would hulk out over building a model kit. These little metal bastards are just so incredible frustrating I still can’t believe it. They are a bunch … Continue reading

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Finally an update – 1/48 RX-93 Nu Gundam Evolved – G-systems Resin

It has been a long time, very long time since my last update to this massive kit. After reaching a rather large mental block while travelling down the modding road I have decided to just ditch doing more mods, keep … Continue reading

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Great news, some new stock has arrived and is available for sale right now!

Kotobukiya Modelling Support Goods and Wave option system sets are now available for sale. “Who and what now?”, I hear you say, well for the uninitiated, the Kotobukiya and Wave option parts are just what you need if you need … Continue reading

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Metal Mecha Parts Store – New stock has arrived!

Ah, 8 new thruster designs have been added to the store for you to buy up! 4 aluminium thrusters – Click Here or Here or Here or Here to view 1 dark metal thruster – Click Here to view 2 … Continue reading

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Metal Mecha Parts Store – MOAR stock update

Evening all, I have a little update, 9 new metal thrusters types and a bunch of stock to replenish supplies have been ordered and will be shipping soon. Hopefully within two weeks I will be able to offer them for … Continue reading

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Mac Forums: Mecha 2012 contest first prize x 5 give away!

With the shop up and running with only a few glitches which have taken only two days to stamp out, I have been in contact with one of the judges for the massively awesome Mecha 2012 contest over at the … Continue reading